7 Times When On Demand Storage Is The Answer For You

Can you even remember what life was like before on demand services? Everything we want can be hailed to our doors, whether it’s a laundry service, a mattress, a cab or even groceries. And we can now add another item to that list, on demand storage.

Storage can be a real pain. It affects your living space, which affects many other elements of your life, whether it’s entertaining friends or working from home. The good thing is that on demand storage can make your life much simpler. It’s designed to make modern day living a lot easier, affordable and most of all, convenient. Here are some times where it can work for you.

  • Moving In With Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Moving in with a significant other is one of the biggest moments in your life. But one thing you definitely aren’t looking forward to is squeezing all of your things into one home (or for all the partners who just despise the others’ taste in decor/furniture). Prioritizing your items based on what you need at the moment can help. If you’re not ready to part with extra or duplicate items, using on demand storage makes things a lot easier. You still get to live in a spacious home and you can get any items returned when you need them.

  • You’re Single Or Don’t Have A Car

If you are single or don’t have access to a car, on demand storage saves you a lot of hassle and embarrassment. There are no awkward moments asking for friends or family to help out since the heavy lifting is done for you. You don’t have to spend money on renting a car to visit storage lockers. You can simply get the items ready and everything is collected from you.

  • House Renovations

Living in a house during a renovation can be a real mess. Everyday you have double the work clearing and cleaning your space. And having to limbo around boxes of items doesn’t help. You even worry about things being knocked over and damaged. Putting your belongings away for safe keeping during the process makes your home renovation a lot less stressful.

  • During Short Term Rentals (especially AirBNB hosts)

Handing over the keys to your home to a renter can be scary. You’re not sure what should be locked away and whether it would be safe anyway. Storing your items can give you extra peace of mind. You can even view them online and track them at any point, in case you can’t remember what was stored. Then just schedule them to be delivered back after they’ve vacated.

Collector Storage
Toy Collection
  • You’re a Collector

You start collecting items because you care for them. But let’s face it, being a collector has it’s challenges. Depending on what you collect, the items can build up. Storing many collectibles safely takes certain requirements. You need to control humidity and temperature, avoid too much light and make sure that items aren’t handled too much. One simple way to achieve this is with on demand storage.

  • Traveling the World

Long term world travel has skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years. One of the reasons that always held people back from travelling the world is not knowing where to put their things, and not wanting to just throw everything away. Well, packing up has never been easier, because not only is everything collected, but it can be tracked, monitored and ready waiting for you when you get back.

  • Just Life!

There are always times in life where you require extra space or to detox your space (have a look at some of ideas to Detox Your Space). Maybe you are starting a business, having children or just starting new hobbies – have you tried storing snowboards or kayaks before? There are times where you will need some extra space but you’re not ready to let go of your items. On demand storage is the solution for you.

Which category do you fall under? We’d love to hear from you!