Why On-Demand Storage is a Better Option for You Than Self Storage

On-demand storage vs. self-storage Toronto

On-demand storage; The newest addition to the on-demand economy in Toronto!

The on-demand economy has made all of our lives easier with new, convenient services. Hailing a car, parking, meat deliveries, streaming music and television, as well as laundry and other services are designed to enrich our lives.

The Harvard Business Review reports the on-demand economy has over 22.4 million customers annually and US$57.6 billion in spending. Why have these services seen such huge growth?

Whilst it’s true that the on-demand economy leverages new technologies, the explosion in these services comes from a need to solve a problem.

Let’s take a look at one of the new services available, on-demand storage. We’ll see how it makes life easier for Toronto residents and why it has overtaken self storage as the best option for domestic and business use.


Benefits of on-demand storage


It’s more convenient so you never have to leave home

On-demand storage gives users the opportunity to declutter their home from the comfort of their couch. You can organize everything from your tablet or laptop, and your items are collected from you. Everything’s even brought back when you need them.

You don’t need to own a car (or rent one!)

Because you don’t have to leave home, you don’t need a car to visit any out of town storage lockers. No renting expensive vans either. Using storage bins, everything is packed up in your home and taken away.

You only pay for what you store, not empty space

By using storage bins and not big storage lockers, you only pay for what you’re actually storing. So you can afford to put away the items that you actually need, without wasting money on a locker you can’t fill, which can happen with self storage facilities.

It’s easy to store items that aren’t needed year round

When it’s time to put up the Christmas tree, or you’re ready to start cycling to work again, simply organize a delivery. Because you don’t have to travel to a self storage locker and sort through items, seasonal storage is a cinch. You’ll even know what’s in storage because everything is photographed and logged.

These benefits mean that on-demand storage is a far better option for most people than self storage.


Who uses on-demand storage today:


Students that need to store items during their summer break.

World travelers that take long term trips overseas and need items for when they return.

Young families can create more living space by storing seasonal items, handy when making room for new additions to the family.

Elderly people who are downsizing and need assistance with moving and storage can benefit from the free pickup, packing and delivery.

Millennials that value experiences over possessions and want to live in a clutter free house.

Businesses who battle with expensive warehouses and working spaces. On-demand storage takes the burden out of storing inventory, documents, marketing collateral or even freeing up items from your home office.


As our city grows with a diverse range of residents, we need to accept the challenges we face and identify creative solutions for them. We need to ensure we are always putting our people, environment and businesses first. A service that caters to these elements, like on-demand storage, is a win for all Toronto residents.

Pick-up storage vs self-storage Toronto