3 Steps To Win The War On Seasonal Storage

Let’s face it, Toronto is one of the greatest cities on the planet! But one thing that isn’t great is the weather. With each season comes the need to have a new wardrobe to battle the elements. Most of us don’t have the space to store everything we need year round. Maybe you’ve heard of seasonal storage but thought the options were too complicated, or take too much effort.

It can doesn’t have to be. Just like any habit, once seasonal storage becomes part of your routine, it’s one less thing to think about and can make life a lot easier. Here are 3 steps to making it happen.

Step 1: Get Booking!

Start by thinking about the times of the year that you need certain clothing. As the name ‘seasonal storage’ suggests, start by thinking about seasons but also holidays. Summer and Winter require different types of clothing and there are certain decorations that you only use on Halloween, Easter or Christmas. Now you’ll know the key times of year that you require pick-up and delivery of your things. Book times in now that you will stick to. By giving yourself a target for when everything needs to be ready, the process becomes much easier.

Stack of winter clothes

Step 2: Plan It Out

Now that you know when your items are going into storage, the next step is to plan exactly what you’d like to pack away. Remember, each ShuffleSpace bin is 24in x 16in x 13in in size and any oversized items can be stored on their own, check out our storage rules here. For each delivery, start thinking about your clothes and items in bin size groups that can be picked up and delivered together, minimizing unnecessary trips. So for example, at Christmas, you only get delivered one (or five!) bins of decorations with nothing else in them. Nobody wants to get items back that still have last year’s mud on them. This will ensure your clothes come back to you ready to wear. An added incentive is the one hour free packing support offered by us, making your seasonal storage experience effortless.

Bonus Tip: Clean your outfits before packing and vacuum pack them to save space and some dollars 🙂

Step 3: Get Cracking!

Stick to the dates you’ve booked and group your items together before collection. It can make it easier to involve others in your decluttering, so involve your partner, involve the kids and make it a family affair. The best bit is once everyone is involved it also creates a habit and expectation to keep the home clean, clutter free and organised.

Harness the power of seasonal storage and start enjoying your clutter-free life! All it takes is three easy steps to make it a habit… and just like that you can live a #LifeWithoutClutter