How Minimalism in the Home Can Give You A Happier Outlook

Decluttering with a minimalist approach improves your outlook

Have you felt anxious or stressed this week?

The number of people suffering from anxiety disorders are on the rise. Many put this down to the stress of modern life. With social media notifications, emails and telephone calls distracting us throughout the day, more and more people are feeling overwhelmed.

One way to combat these feelings is by starting with your living space. If you wake up to a messy, overcrowded home, have to squeeze past bikes in your hallways and combat overflowing drawers to find clothes to wear for the day, you can feel overwhelmed before you’ve even left home in the morning. And who wants to come home to an unrelaxing, cluttered home in the evenings?

One way to combat this and work towards a feeling of ease is through Minimalism.

Popular in Japan, Minimalism isn’t just a way of life, it’s a whole way of being. Because a cluttered living space means a cluttered mind. Improve one, and the other goes hand in hand. Many Japanese minimalists don’t even have furniture or beds, instead sleeping on a futon. But you don’t have to go that far to benefit from minimalist strategies.

Some of the reasons why Minimalism is becoming increasingly popular are that:

  • You don’t waste time and get stressed looking for anything
  • You have room to stretch out and enjoy the space you live in
  • You can relax without feeling that you should get up to tidy or clean

Imagine walking into your beautiful decluttered home. A home that energizes you rather than drains you. A home that relaxes you instead of stresses you out. A home that is a pleasure to be in rather than one that you avoid inviting people to. With Minimalism, you can achieve this.

And you can start right now.

Minimalism may seem daunting, but you can start with just one easy step: decluttering the space around you. Start small with the following three actions.

Minimalism Action Step 1: Starting Small with Decluttering

Wherever you are, at home on the couch or at work at your desk, you are in your living space. Identify three things you can put away. Take action to put these items away right now.

It’s always the mental work before the physical work that holds us back and makes things seem more overwhelming than they are. But once it’s done, we all say ‘that was way easier than I thought.’

By starting small with this action, you get the ball rolling onto bigger tasks.

Mininalism Action Step 2: Keep the Engine Going

Identify three items that are taking up space unnecessarily. It could be something you know that you won’t use for another six months. Or an item of clothing that you haven’t worn in a year.

Move these three items into a pile.

As you’re thinking about the three items, you’re probably imagining far more than just these. Don’t waste this extra motivation, keep on moving things into this pile.

You will really benefit and feel good about the results once everything is stored away. But, you will also start feeling really great just from this initial action of doing it.

Now, divide this large pile into two smaller piles. Pile A is ‘I’m definitely keeping’ and Pile B is ‘trash, donate or sell’.

With the items in Pile B, you can easily use services like Craigslist and Kijiji to sell your items or use Google to find your nearest donation bin.

Take some pics and post these items, then deliver the rest to the bin or trash.

Minimalism Action Step 3: Take it one step further – Pick a clutter-free room

 Whether its your office, bedroom, living room, bathroom, choose a room that is easy to start with and decide that that room will be clutter-free. Move all items from that room that are not necessary for the day to day use of the room into your pile A (keep) and pile B (trash, donate, sell). Take care of your pile B. Move pile A to somewhere out side of your new clutter-free room. See how much you enjoy that new clutter-free space!

The pile A that you’re left with are items that you want to keep, and know that you’ll need at some point, but don’t need them around all the time.  Keep them in a pile out of sight if you don’t go into the pile to use them in 60 days then you should reconsider if you need the item. For the items that you do use but only infrequently or seasonally consider Shuffling it.

In today’s convenient on-demand service oriented age, a lot of savvy people have been moving towards on-demand storage solutions such as ShuffleSpace. ShuffleSpace comes and collects your items with no hassle, keeps them for you and returns them whenever you need them.

Start with these three Minimalism Action Steps and you’re on your way to living a clutter free life!