6 Imaginative Ideas To Detox Your Space

We hear about different types of detox all the time. The digital detox helps us step back and refocus on what’s most important to us. The full body detox helps us get back in shape and start feeling ourselves again. But let’s not forget the long-established tradition of detoxing our space

Our living space is the most important space we have. It’s where we come to after a long day at work and for some of us it’s even the space we work from. So as we start to reach summer, let’s make sure we are taking care of this space around us.

Here are some creative ideas on detoxing your space from our favorite bloggers and sites:

1. Bring the outdoors in, by adding some green

Let’s talk about having more plants and flowers around the house, they not only brighten up the place but can also help detox your body too! Having a few plants and flowers around the house really energizes a room and brings more character to our living spaces. Here are great some tips by Chatelaine on balcony gardening for all the condo dwellers.


10 tips for creating a beautiful balcony garden

2. Get creative with your art

Incorporating art into your living space doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands of dollars finding a masterpiece. It can be as simple as going through your phone gallery and grabbing some images of your pets, your children or even last year’s holiday. Alternatively, imagine a wall full of scarves? It might sound ‘out there’ until you see it in action. It’s actually an idea that is currently trending, it saves you a whole lot of space, saves money on décor and becomes a great conversation piece when you’re entertaining. Discover some more ideas you may not have thought of from WithLoveGabrielle.com.


5 Tips for Taking Your Décor from Drab to Fab

3. Create more livable space by ditching the wardrobe

Whether it’s Marie Kondo’s Manga of Tidying Up or Scandinavian ‘hygge’, minimalist living is in right now. After decades of collecting more and more clutter, people are fighting back to protect their living spaces. The key is ensuring you aren’t wasting space by closing off any areas. This can include open wardrobes or clothing racks. When it comes to decluttering and spring cleaning this is an absolute winner! It makes having a minimalist and neat wardrobe a necessity rather than a good-to-have. Get some inspiration from Pop Sugar’s 2017 Spring Decor Trends (View the Slide Show here).

4. Divide to conquer

Hot on the heels of the last point, we’re borrowing another technique that’s been a key part of Japanese design for centuries. Room dividers are an absolute hidden gem, particularly for urbanites that don’t have large homes. They allow you to separate your living space whilst creating more functionality within your home. They don’t have to be a permanent fixture either. You can be flexible and only use them when needed to transform your room:

These 5 room dividers are essential for studio apartments

5. Recycle and re-purpose for extra life

Recycling comes in all forms. It doesn’t just mean getting rid of an item by taking it to a recycling facility or to someone else that would like to use it. It can mean fixing up furniture to making it more personalised. Or it can mean repurposing an item. Take an old ladder and turn it into a bookshelf, take old tennis rackets and turn then into mirrors. Or even turn old chairs into an open wardrobe (remember tip 3 above?). Don’t believe us? Check the link below:

30 Creative Ways to Repurpose & Reuse Old Stuff

6. Feed your soul

We all want to be healthier. We want to look a little better, feel a little better and enjoy life a bit more. For most of us, our living space is often undermining our healthy goals. Spring cleaning and creating better, less cluttered living spaces also means letting us be happier and healthier. Once we’ve started clearing our homes, there are small tricks we can do to ensure we aren’t undercutting any progress. Things like making sure candy isn’t on display, check out the tips from This Beautiful Day Blog here.

Ready, get set, detox!